The brand that provides the solution most fit for your skin.

The brand that provides the solution most fit for your skin.

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We use the best ingredients that fit your precious skin and always work to make the world a better place.




DPC is the brand
that give you the best
solution for your skin,
for true beauty.

You are the most valuable personal in the world today.
When living a hectic life, even looking after and taking care of
yourself seems like a luxury. Sometimes, at home after a tiring day, we ponder over whether we living too busily, what is most valuable to us, and whether we are missing or loosing anything valuable within our exhausting everyday life without even noticing it.

The most important thing is not to lose “yourself” whoever you are with or whatever you are doing and to live a balanced life. DPC presents you with the best skincare products and beauty devices that help you take care of our tiring skin to make it healthy and elastic, as if you have received aesthetic care, in your everyday lives. Without having to spend much time or money.


Premium home aesthetics
realized with one device
스킨 아이론

Skin Iron

This device is a face and body multi-device with five functions (micro currents, vibration, warmth, anion, LED) combined together, allowing you to enjoy premium aesthetic effects by spending
just 5 minutes every day. It is designed in a unique iron shape in a clean white color. With five functions combined together, this device presents a strong lifting effect for anti-aging.

The perfect balance of pink and beige A pink moist shine from spiral shape
핑크 아우라 쿠션 SPF 50+PA+++

Pink Aura Cushion SPF 50+PA+++

A perfect cushion with a moist pinkish shine, containing essence of more than 70%. The pink and beige essence is perfectly balanced to make a tone-up effect with good adherence and durability.

Based on extract from flowers that are able to endure harsh environmental conditions, coupled with antioxidants, this item supplies moisture and nutrients from the base of your skin to make it healthier and energetic

핑크 아우라 쿠션 SPF 50+PA+++